Virtual sports betting has been gaining popularity recently with dozens of virtual betting sites offering sports betting services to online bettors. To make the most of such sports betting activity you need to know what virtual sports betting is and how to place a successful bet. This guide will walk you through the finer points of virtual cricket betting and help you gain some in-depth knowledge before you place your first bet in virtual cricket.

Before we delve into what virtual cricket betting is we should understand the meaning of sports betting and how to place a bet virtually.

As the name implies, ‘Sports Betting’ is about speculating the outcome of a sporting event and placing a bet on the same for backing your opinion. Correct speculation can earn you rewards while a wrong one will make you lose your bet. People who take part in online cricket betting check out the virtual cricket betting opportunities when there aren’t major cricket events happening.

Meaning of Virtual Sports

With the introduction of the internet, it has become possible to place your bet virtually on any sporting event at your convenience, either through an online betting exchange or an online bookmaker.

Virtual sports are computer-generated sporting events that are designed to imitate real-world sports, such as cricket, horse racing, football, and more. Unlike classic sports, virtual sports are played completely without any human interference and the outcome is decided by computer algorithms. For more clarity on the same, you can access the ‘Virtual Sports’ section on Bet365, Betway, Paripesa, or any of the other sites.

While there are several betting sites in India available ready to take your bets, you should know the ones which are the most reliable in terms of odds offered, payout, and other parameters.

Common Virtual Sports betting options

Some of the common virtual sports betting options include –

  • Virtual football betting is a computer-generated football match where the highlights of each match can be accessed from the live feed show. Statistics such as on-target shots, goals scored, red cards, and yellow cards, etc. appear for only a few minutes. You can place your bet before the start of the match and wait for the result. Gamers mostly play FIFA which are shown on the live feed. FIFA is one of the most popular games in the world.
  • In virtual cricket betting, access the highlights of the game from the live feed such as runs scored, wickets taken, caught out, etc. Refer to the stats before placing a bet at the start of the match and wait for the outcome of the game. You will find gamers playing Don Bradman Cricket game, Ashes PC game, or World Cricket Championship to play against one another.
  • Just like a real horse race, in virtual horse race betting, you can track the progress of the entire race, get the odds, the form, and betting options for every virtual horse race which takes place every few minutes.

How do you bet on virtual cricket?

Placing a bet on virtual cricket is as easy as placing an ordinary bet or any sport through a betting site or app. Follow this step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  • Access any one of the recommended virtual cricket betting websites down below
  • Sign up at the website
  • Choose the banking method before making your first deposit
  • Go to the virtual sports section and select cricket as your betting option
  • Select from the list of upcoming matches to view the odds
  • Click on the desired odds and entire the amount that you want to bet
  • Confirm your bet and wait for two minutes to know the outcome

Top Virtual Cricket betting Sites

What is Virtual Cricket Betting?

Virtual Cricket Betting is a popular Virtual Sports Betting option in which –

  • You bet on the live simulation of a cricket match between two cricket teams.
  • The virtual match is contested for up to two minutes over the space of six deliveries, known as an over.
  • The outcome of the match is computer-generated determined by Random Number Generator.
  • You will get virtual cricket odds, similar to real-life cricket match betting.

What type of bets can you make in virtual cricket betting? 

Virtual cricket betting sites feature several markets which are made open to bettors when they open the match center of their choice. Based on the virtual cricket odds presented on your screen choose the one that matches your preference. While the process is similar to that of live cricket betting, the odds relating to individual players are not available.

Below are some of the markets that are available both on traditional and new cricket betting sites.

Match Winner

In this market, you simply need to predict the outcome of the match. You get three options to choose from – picking the team that will win the game, or if the outcome is a draw. The virtual cricket betting odds depend on the success of the teams.

Total Match Boundaries

Predict the total boundaries that will be hit in the match based on the limit set by the bookie. You can choose to either go over or under the set value. Such as if the bookie has set a limit of 6.5 boundaries. You can choose either 7 or more, or 6 or fewer based on your prediction.

Total Match Runs

This follows a similar principle as total match boundaries. The betting site sets a numerical value of the total possible runs that can be scored. You will have to predict whether the runs will exceed the limit set or be below that.

Total Wickets Lost

The same over/under principle applies to this market as well. Simply predict the number of wickets that will be lost in the entire match.

First Method of Dismissal

From the list of possible options such as caught out, lbw, bowled, run out, or even no fall of wicket, you need to predict the outcome. If the chosen method matches the outcome you win the bet.

Runs Off First Delivery

The betting site will provide numerical values of the runs that will be scored off the first delivery. Making the current prediction will make you win the bet.

Total Match 4s or Total Match 6s

Based on the over/under principle you need to predict the total 4s or total 6s that will be hit in the entire match.

Both teams to hit a 4 or a 6

You can place your bet on whether or not both teams will hit a 4 or a 6 in their entire innings using a yes/no option.

VIRTUAL CRICKET BETTING – A Final word of Advice

Both statistical and empirical knowledge are important to help you predict the probability of your winning with precision. This makes the betting activity a science instead of just a lucky guess.

Now that you know how to place a virtual cricket bet, make your betting experience a memorable one.

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