Bundesliga is a highly competitive football league that is played in Germany. The teams in Bundesliga usually play with a very attacking style. It’s right up there for the highest average goals per game. No wonder it makes for some great Bundesliga betting opportunities for the fans. Bundesliga odds for the 2021-22 season are out and we have listed them for you along with our analysis.

Bundesliga is among the top four football leagues in the world, along with the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A. Football fans in Germany show remarkable loyalty and dedication, week in, week out, irrespective of their team’s fortunes. This is the second-highest sports league in terms of average attendance per game after the American NFL.

Bayern Munich are the current champions and they will be looking to maintain their perfect streak. Let’s have a look at who are the favorites for the Bundesliga 2021-22 season.

Best Bundesliga Betting Sites

2021-22 Bundesliga Odds: Who are the favorites to win Bundesliga?

Team Odds on Bet365
Bayern Munich 1.22
Borussia Dortmund 6.50
RB Leipzig 11.00
Bayer Leverkusen 41.00
Wolfsburg 51.00
Borussia M’gladbach 67.00
Eintracht Frankfurt 201.00
Hertha Berlin 251.00
TSG Hoffenheim 251.00
Union Berlin 501.00
VfB Stuttgart 501.00
Mainz 501.00
Arminia Bielefeld 751.00
Augsburg 751.00
Cologne 751.00
SC Freiburg 751.00
Bochum 1001.00
Greuther Furth 1001.00

Bayern Munich, the current champions, currently have the best odds to win the Bundesliga and by quite some margin. Bayern Munch have odds of just 1.22 on Bet365 which means that they have an implied win probability of 81.97%.

If there is one somewhat fair criticism of the Bundesliga, it’s that there has been only one dominant force in it ever since the first season in 1963. Bayern Munich light shines very brightly in German football and they’ve won 30 of all those Bundesliga campaigns.

The next team in the Bundesliga betting odds table are Borussia Dortmund with odds of 6.50. Dortmund finished second last season and look like the only team that can bring Bayern Munich down. RB Leipzig have been given odds of 17.00 to win Bundesliga 2021/22.

There’s Bayern, Then There’s Daylight

Bayern Munich lead Bundesliga odds table for 2021-22 season

As is so often the case, success breeds success. The more titles Bayern wins, combined with excellent performances in the Champions League, the more of the world’s greatest players, both domestic and international, they will be able to recruit.

There’s a huge gap in terms of the number of Bundesliga trophy wins to Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Monchengladbach, who have just five each. Werder Bremen have four championships, FC Koln have two and Wolfsburg have one.

Bayern have been particularly ruthless over the last decade, winning the last nine editions and some of them at a canter. But they can be stopped. Under Jurgen Klopp, Dortmund won back-to-back titles in 2010-11 and 2011-12 so it shows that if you have the right man for the job and the right players at the same time, Bayern aren’t quite invincible.

Bundesliga Betting Tips & Popular betting markets

No bookmaker worth their salt would leave out offering lots of Bundesliga betting odds every week. It probably ranks as third or fourth for being the football league with the most betting activity on it every weekend.

Let’s look at some of the markets they offer Bundesliga odds on and we’ll even give you a couple of solid Bundesliga betting tips to get you underway.

Bundesliga Outright Winner Betting

As we’ve seen already, it hasn’t been much fun playing this market over the past few years. Either you take an extremely short price about Bayern winning yet again, or you take a leap of faith and go for someone else at a big price.

First up, there’s not much wrong with taking odds of around 1.30 at the start of the season on a side that has won the last nine Bundesliga titles in a row.

If you’re going to take the second option, the best Bundesliga betting tip is that it’s probably only worth going with Dortmund. They’re the only ones who look to have the infrastructures, facilities, and most importantly of all, players, to challenge for the title. The brilliant young striker Erling Haaland can give Bayern’s Lewandowski a run for his money. Dortmund have the missing piece in the jigsaw because there’s plenty of talent in other areas as well.

If Dortmund can hold not their biggest names, they could well wrestle the title back from Bayern.

Other Season-long Bundesliga Betting Markets

As is the case with any other top football league, you’ll also be able to place football betting season-long wagers on such things as a Top 2 Finish, a Top 4 Finish, who will be relegated, and Bundesliga top goalscorer.

Bundesliga Match Odds

This is a highly competitive league and with the possible exception of Bayern, teams believe they can go out and get a result against just about everyone.

As ever, the secret is to use stats and patterns to help pick the best Bundesliga bets at the best Bundesliga odds. One way to do that is to look at teams that have particularly strong home or away records.

Over/Under 2.5 goals

When we said there were lots of goals scored in the Bundesliga every week, we weren’t joking. Out of the Top 5 European Leagues, Bundesliga is the one with the most goals per game and the only one to boast an average of over 3 goals a game (3.1 to be precise).

It goes a long way to explaining why the Bundesliga odds on over 2.5 goals in any given game are normally pretty short at around the 1.60 mark.

Top Bundesliga Betting Tip

An alternative to backing over 2.5 goals is to go for ‘yes’ on both teams to score market. Not only does it include all the 2-1, 3-1, 3-2, 2-2 score lines but crucially it also covers the most common of scores that is 1-1.

Again, look for sides with strong patterns for that outcome.

How to bet on the Bundesliga?

You must first have a betting account with a sportsbook in order to put bets before the season begins or even after it has begun. It’s wonderful if you have one, but if you don’t, you can look out for the best betting sites in India.

After you’ve finished creating your account and made a deposit, simply follow these simple instructions.:

Step 1: Go to the ‘Soccer’ option on the menu once you’ve opened the betting site.

Step 2: You have the option of betting on current matches or placing outright season bets. On the screen, both options are visible. Make your selection based on your personal preferences.

Step 3: Once you scroll down a bit, you will find all the major football leagues. Tap on Bundesliga to view the betting markets.

Step 4: Place your bets now. It’s this easy.

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