live horse race streamingLive betting is becoming one of the most popular forms of sports betting due to mobile phones and the internet. We are all familiar with bet shops and/or bookies, and putting down rupees before any horse race. Despite this, both at the racebooks and racetracks, you will often have promotions or improvised bets that happen while the race is occurring and for punters to wager on during and before the race is over – in other words, right on the spot.

This form of betting is called live betting as well as real-time betting – but you no longer need to attend the race in person to place a bet like this, making it much safer for you in terms of carrying all that money in public. Instead, there are several online sports betting websites that you can use and a few tips to get you headed in the right direction – make sure of course that these will have an online racebook.

Best Sites for Live Horse Betting

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What is Live Betting?

These days, live betting and “in-play” betting have become interchangeable. As you can imagine, the theatrics of what would need to take place in real life for a live bet to occur are not practical. If you use a bookie, live horse betting might work if texting can take place.

Otherwise, collecting bets from individual customers would require having an unlimited number of betting clerks to take the bets. Although it could be done, the labor costs involved in bets like this would not benefit the betting exchange.

In other words, it is easier to do this with any type of computer technology. For this reason, live betting is often cited as being a lot like a stock market exchange online.

Exchange Betting Versus Live Betting

Exchange betting is one of those types of punts that have changed the online betting world completely. In general, you are going to bet on the winner of a horse race. However, in exchange betting, you can also bet on the loser. For exchange betting and live betting to occur at the same time, this means that you can bet on the loser during the time that the horse race is broadcasting. This means that the betting is not closed when the race begins.

Keeping Tabs on the Race

You can always visit the track for live betting, but experience shows that it works better on the internet. The reason for this is due to the fast-paced nature of the punts. For example, if you are watching the horse race live, you may notice that a horse starts to fall behind. In this case, a bet may appear on the wagering website that you are logged into. This bet asks you to wager on whether or not the horse will catch up and finish the race in one of the top five spots. Of course, this type of wager will be done quickly since most horse races are less than 3 minutes long. For this reason, the betting pools can be larger. Live betting is also a good way to add to your winnings for every race.

Live Horse Betting Sites

If you want to try live horse betting online, your first step is setting up an account with a punting website. Although some websites are obviously geared toward Americans or Europeans, this does not mean that someone from India is unwelcome. Instead, when you register for your account, you will see that it is a friendly option for a variety of countries.

If the website is not taking punters from India, they will not allow you to register. For this reason, you should feel free to apply at any website that you feel is appropriate. Of course, be sure to check if they have live horse betting options available too, which to save you some research time, are all those racebooks we recommend on the site. See our recommended sites at the top of this page.

Setting Up an Account for Live Horse Betting

After you complete the basic registration at a live horse betting site, your next step will be to fund your account by depositing money, and hence, getting your deposit bonus too – the more you deposit, the more you are probable to get for free. If you do not have a credit card, this is not usually a problem. In these cases, the websites we recommend will also allow you to pay with a bank transfer, money wire, ewallet, or Western Union – within other choices depending on the site.

Our favorite deposit method is ewallets such as Neteller and Skrill

Sports betting websites tend to offer a bare minimum of deposit options that usually start at £20; although many of these websites accept other forms of currency, most deposits will be the equivalent of £20.

Making a Withdrawal With Live Betting

The fast-paced nature of live betting should not put you off in any way. Just like other bets, most websites make these funds available when the race finishes. When you go to withdraw your winnings, any bonuses that you signed up for will be added; you will also get your deposit rebates if it applies.

If you are concerned about the takeout or “vigorish” (fee) that the website reduces from your winnings, do not be concerned; compared to a racecourse, this means that you are paying less than 15%. In most cases, an online sports betting website will take out as little as 3% per live betting wager, and remember that also, in comparison to betting in person at the racetracks, these recommended betting sites will give you bonuses, VIP treatment, and peace of mind when it comes to dealing with big amounts of money thanks to their reputation and security.

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