The second test between India and England starts on Feb 13 and once again takes place in Chennai. The venue is the same because the BCCI has decided to restrict the movement of teams due to the COVID-19 situation.

England will go into the second test with a lot of confidence after winning the first test in Chennai convincingly and taking a 1-0 lead in the four match series. India know that they need to play very well to draw the series in Chennai.India Favorites Against England

India vs. England – Outright Betting

Bet365 has India as the favorites at 8/13 while England are still the underdogs with odds of 11/4. The odds for the second test ending in a tie is at 5/1. If you would like to bet via Bet365, you can do so below.

We would go with the sportsbooks and back India to win this test for a couple of reasons. England are not going to play with their winning team from the first test. They are making as many as four changes to the playing XI. Most of these changes is due to their rotational policy which one change is brought about due to injury to J Archer.

While most punters will look to bet on the outright result of the test match, do keep in mind that there are many prop bets that you can also bet on.

India vs. England – Prop Betting

We are going to look at three prop bets on and give you our expert opinion on what we would bet on.

Player Of The Match: If you are a cricket fan, you don’t need an explanation as to what this bet is all about. This is for the man of the match or the player of the match. Some of the options you have to bet on for team India include Virat Kohli (6/1), R Ashwin (7/1), C Pujara (10/1), J Bumrah (11/1).

The players from England that are in the running to be the player of the match include Joe Root (17/2), Ben Stokes (12/1), M Leach (14/1) and S Broad (16/1).

Our Prediction: Given the fact that most of the player of the match awards go to batsmen, we would narrow our predictions to batsmen. Given the fact that the man of the match award tends to go to the winning team and India are the betting favorites, we would put our money either on Kohli or Pujara.

Top Team First Innings Bowler: This prop bet lets you pick which bowler you think will finish with the most number of wickets after the first innings. You can bet on both India and English bowlers and choose which bowler you think finishes on top.

The top bowlers for India are R Ashwin (7/4), K Yadav (10/3) and J Bumrah (13/5) while England have M Leach (5/2), B Stokes (6/1) and S Broad (7/2).

Our Prediction: We believe that the Chennai pitch will favour the spinners more than the seamers. Hence we are going to narrow our bets to the spinners and that leaves us with R Ashwin and M Leach while K Yadav is third on our list. Given R Ashwin’s experience, we would place our money on him.

To Win The Toss: Winning the toss is based completely on luck or chance as there is no betting strategy to predict which team will win. What we do know is that the toss will play a big role in deciding the final outcome of the game.

England won the toss in the first test and will be hoping they can do it again. However, if we are going to test out the luck factor, we will give it to Kohli and go out on a limb and say India will win the toss. The betting odds for both teams are at 10/11.

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