The Tokyo Olympics as expected to take place in 2020 but it had to be postponed due to the global covid-19 pandemic. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to postpone the Olympics in collaboration with the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC). The 2021 Tokyo Olympics is expected to start on 23 July and finish on 08 August.

Only TV Coverage – No Fans

The IOC has received widespread criticism from numerous fronts for wanting to move forward with the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. When the IOC and JOC made the decision to move forward with the Olympics in early 2021, they were confident that the COVID situation would be brought under control with the vaccination rollout.

However, the COVID situation across the world has improved in most countries but is still not yet fully under control. This is why the Japanese government and the JOC made the decision to ban international tourists from attending the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. This was a big decision for the IOC and the JOC as they were expected to make millions of dollars from ticket sales.

The influx of international tourists under normal circumstances would have also provided a massive economic boost to Tokyo and small businesses. However, fans across the world will not have to be satisfied with just watching the Olympics on television and placing sports bets on their favorite athletes and teams.

Top 2021 Olympic Betting Sites

India is expected to send a strong continent to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics but they will find it difficult to win in most sports. India’s football team have not qualified for the Olympics, the hockey team has great expectations on its shoulders but they have stiff competition.

While Indian fans will definitely support their countrymen, they will also be rooting and cheering to see some of the best athletes and teams in the world compete with each other. Punters who are looking to bet in India, will be able to do so with ease as there are a number of reputed sportsbooks open to taking legal bets from the Indian market.

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Will The 2021 Tokyo Olympics Take Place?

The big question currently going around is whether the 2021 Tokyo Olympics will really take place. The IOC and JOC continue to remain confident that the Olympics will proceed as per plan but others are not so confident as Japan is currently in the midst of an emergency lockdown as COVID cases have increased significantly during the last 30 days.

The opposition party in Japan have called on the ruling party to make a decision to suspend the games. While international tourists are not allowed into Japan for the Olympics, there are still thousands of athletes from around the world who are preparing to make their way into Tokyo for the games.PV Sindhu

A number of sportstars and athletes from around the world have said they are not certain of showing up at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics because there has been so much uncertainty surrounding the games. India is currently under lockdown till 24 May and there is a huge possibility that the lockdown could be further extended. As a result, sporting activities and training in multiple states have been suspended until further notice.

The lack of proper training and training facilities during the last 12 months has impacted the training and planning for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. The JOC should think about postponing the Olympics once again and host the Olympics when international fans are allowed to be in attendance and when athletes from around the world can freely train for the games.

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