The BCCI has made arrangements for the 2021 Indian Premier League (IPL) to be played out during September and October 2021 after it was suspended mid-ways in May 2021 when the IPL bubble in India was breached and multiple players tested positive.

There were some concerns initially that the BCCI would not be able to complete the IPL in 2021 but the BCCI brass managed to work things out with different cricket boards and create a window for the remainder of the 2021 IPL to be played out.

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2021 IPL – Will CSK Be Able To Dominate In The UAE

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) had a terrible performance in the 2020 IPL which took place in the UAE. For the first time in the history of the IPL, CSK was eliminated before the playoffs and their massive fan base was highly disappointed in their performance. Due to that poor performance, the bookmakers did not give CSK high odds of winning the 2021 IPL and for once CSK was not in the top three favorite teams expected to win the IPL Championship.

While CSK fans called for a massive shakeup to the CSK squad in the lead up to the 2021 IPL, CSK franchise owners decided to keep their CSK squad together and once again trust MS Dhoni to lead the men in yellow during the 2021 IPL. That decision worked out well for CSK as they have had a great run in the 2021 IPL so far.CSK

CSK had a good run playing in India but now they will have to play out the remainder of the IPL in the UAE where they performed poorly in 2020. CSK is set to kick off the second part of IPL 2021 when they take on current IPL champions, the Mumbai Indians on Sep 19.

The Mumbai Indians played fabulously well in the UAE and we will have to wait and watch if CSK can continue to their good run in 2021 or if the change in locations will once again have a negative impact on the team.

2021 IPL – CSK Currently In Second Place

CSK are currently sitting in second place on the IPL points table just behind the Delhi Capitals. CSK have 10 points from 7 games, with five wins and two losses. The Capitals have played 8 games and have 12 points, with six wins and two losses.

The way things stand at the moment, it does look like CSK should be able to make it to the 2021 IPL playoffs as they only need three more wins to qualify. We also need to point out that currently, CSK has the best net run rate amongst all the IPL teams.

MS Dhoni is not a superstitious man and he will not have any concerns about CSK performing in the UAE. CSK have a much stronger squad when compared to the 2020 IPL and are also coming in with a lot more confidence behind them.

What we need to see is whether Suresh Raina will play in the UAE as he decided to withdraw from the 2020 IPL at the last minute as he preferred staying back with his family in India. Raina continues to be a key member of the CSK franchise and if he does decide to play for CSK in the UAE, it will significantly help CSK’s chance of pushing for their fourth IPL Championship.

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