The BCCI is looking to pull off a massive feat by staging the 2020 IPL in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in less than 2 months. Given the size and scale of the IPL and the restrictions brought about by COVID-19, there is a lot of pressure on the IPL organizing team and the franchises to comply with all of the rules and regulations laid down.

IPL Franchises Responsible For COVID-19 Tests

During the month and half long tournament, there is going to be a lot of COVID-19 tests carried out. The way things appear as of now, it will be the responsibility of each IPL franchise to have their own medial team in the UAE who will be responsible for carrying out all of the COVID-19 tests on their players and support staff.

When players arrive in the UAE, they will be subjected to COVID tests immediately but this will be done by the UAE medial team. The UAE has recorded just over 58,000 corona virus cases so far but have had a lot of success with more than 51,000 recovering till date. So far, only 400 deaths have been reported due to COVID-19 and the UAE is keen on following all of the protocols it has in place during the IPL.

The IPL governing body will hold a meeting to finalize the full list of rules and regulations on 01 August. Once this is done, they will then hold another meeting with all IPL franchises on 02 and 02 August. This meeting will be attended by key sponsors and broadcasters where the rules and regulations that they will have to comply with in the UAE will be discussed at length.

The IPL governing body expects all stakeholders to have a lot of questions and will look to provide clarity into how the 2020 IPL will be run in the UAE.

Key Protocols That IPL Players Will Need To Follow

Similar to the Aarogya Setu app in India, all IPL players and staff will have to download the DXB App on their phones and use it throughout the IPL. Expect social distancing rules to be followed on the field and saliva will no longer be used to shine the ball. The teams’ dugout will also be restricted and the dressing rooms will not be allowed to have more than 15 members.

The IPL commentary team will also have to ensure social distancing and sit 6 feet apart from each other. The post-match award ceremonies and interviews will also have to be carried out with social distancing measures.

IPL players have gone used to having their wives and girlfriends (WAGS) travel with them in previous editions. This time around, they may not have their WAGS with them. The BCCI has decided to leave it to each IPL franchise to make the decision on whether they will allow the WAGS to be part of the 2020 IPL.

IPL franchises who allow WAGS to tag along will have a lot more work to do as it involves testing and looking after a bigger crowd of people.

IPL Bio-Bubble To Be Formed

The IPL governing body will look to create a bio-bubble similar to what the NBA is currently doing. Once an individual enters the bio-bubble, they will not be able to leave the bubble. This will be applicable to IPL players, commentators, coaching staff, WAGS and even support staff which includes bus drivers.

IPL franchises will be responsible for working out all hotel accommodation and logistics. The BCCI will help them to get discounts on accommodation and will also ensure that the only hotel staff that will be allowed to interact with IPL players and staff will be those who have tested negative for COVID-19.

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