A handful of Grade 2 and Class IV-V races were the main attraction of last Sunday’s Special Raceday at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai. With the regular season having ended in March, these special race days are held to accommodate the leftover events. While they certainly lack the significance of Grade 1 races, these smaller races can still make for some nail-biting moments. Here is how the horses’ fared in the two races we highlighted in our last Mahalaxmi Race Course wagering preview:

Mahalaxmi Race Course Wagering: Review For April 7th

The Maharaja Sir Harisinghji Trophy

The solitary Grade 2 event on Sunday had five thoroughbreds in the running. It was a 1600m race open for four-year-old horses and above. Our top Mahalaxmi Race Course wagering picks were Serjeant At Arms and Whomakestherules, with Caprisca as a long shot option.

We managed to get two of the top three correct in this event. There were no surprises regarding the winner. However, our long-shot pick did turn a few heads with a strong performance that saw it storm into second place. Here is how the final results looked:

1. Serjeant At Arms

Serjeant At Arms came to this race with a long history of impressive performances. Considered one of the best milers in India two years ago in his debut season, he conquered all before heading to the US for a stint at the races there. While a bit rusty on his comeback trail this year, there was no doubting the ability and pedigree inside this thoroughbred. With jockey Trevor on his back, he was unbeatable on Sunday with a time of 1:37:525

2. Caprisca

Caprisca was our long-shot choice because of its penchant for unpredictable performances. Though capable of winning races like the India St. Leger, this gelding is also equally prone to losing as a favourite against weak opposition. On Sunday, it was the proverbial Dr. Jekyll who made an appearance in Caprisca, as he cantered home in second place under the guidance of jockey Sandesh with a time of 1:37:876. .

3. B Fifty Two

B Fifty Two has never really impressed in the past, which is why we never really took him as a serious prospect for this race. But as Caprisca’s long term stable mate, some of the gold dust seems to have rubbed off on B Fifty Two for Sunday’s race! He beat out the other two horses, including our pick for number two (Whomakestherules), finishing with a time of 1:38:103.

The Behram A Engineer Trophy

This race lived up to its billing with a lot of excitement and quite a few surprises as well. This Class III race had ten horses in the running for a distance of 1200m. Out top picks were El Commandante, Pablo, and Harmony of the Sea in that order.

While the bottom two in our list failed to impress, we got it right where it mattered most, with El Commandante winning the race in the end. Both Pablo and Harmony of the Sea did end up in the top half in fourth and fifth respectively though. Here are the top three finishers from this race:

1. El Commandante

El Commandante had form on its side but was never really a banker in this horse race due to the strength of the opposition. What also worked against his Mahalaxmi Race Course wagering odds was the fact that this was supposed to be his toughest race this season. But with jockey A Sandesh leading him, El Commandante was up for the challenge on Sunday, finishing first with a time of 1:10:880.

2. Kilkarry Bridge

Kilkarry Bridge  was one of the top five picks for us that we let slide due to razor thin margins. This 4-year-old gelding is turning into a promising racehorse with no finishes outside the top 3 in his five starts prior to Sunday. And he managed to maintain that record with a commendable performance of 1:10:892, finishing narrowly behind El Commandante.

3. Epiphany

Epiphany is a 5-year-old mare with a handful of strong performances in the past year. But she has had a largely unimpressive season in 2019, which is why she was not on our radar for Sunday. But with a commendable time of 1:11:038, Epiphany has once again lived up to her billing of being an unpredictable contender.

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