Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has arguably the biggest brand value in the IPL because the marketing team behind CSK have done a phenomenal job over the years in expanding its fan base and generating massive support.

When news broke out last week that CSK had 13 members test positive for COVID-19, it created quite a lot of unrest amongst CSK fans. Then fuel was added to the fire after Suresh Raina decided to drop out and not play the 2020 IPL due to personal reasons.

Reports suggested that Raina was unhappy with CSK as they did not give him a similar room as MS Dhoni. Raina wanted a room with a balcony and because he did not get his way, he packed up and went back to India. Raina did not release any statement and clarify these rumours nor did CSK provide the press with any details.

CSK fans were disappointed as they know that Raina is one of the key players in the side and also the team’s vice-captain. His departure automatically makes it more difficult for CSK to clinch the 2020 IPL title.

N Srinivasan Hits Out At Raina

Former BCCI President and CSK owner N Srinivasan had to step in and speak to the media to put out the fires. N Srinivasan has preferred to stay out of the media for the last couple of years but this time around, it was important for him to assure CSK fans that all was well within the camp.

Srinivasan said Raina decided to quit even before the season started and will later realize what he is missing out on. Raina is apparently walking away from 11 crore rupees for not playing the 2020 IPL. Srinivasan would go on to say that some cricketers are like prima donnas as they were not willing to stick it out when things got tough.

His frustration with Raina to some extent is understood given the fact that CSK has stood beside Raina for a long time.

CSK Will Stand By Suresh Raina

You don’t want to make an enemy of N Srinivasan and it initially appeared that Suresh Raina had done exactly this by abandoning the team. However, Srinivasan has softened his stance on Raina and said that the media took some of his comments out of context.

Srinivasan said that Raina has been a key player for CSK and it is important for the franchise to support him at a time like this. CSK has decided to give him the personal space and freedom he wanted to sort out his personal issues.

MS Dhoni Is In Full Control  

Srinivasan said that it was concerning to see that 13 members of the CSK squad had tested positive. He said the CSK team would carefully monitor the situation and ensure that all of the BCCI’s standard operating procedures will be followed.

He assured CSK fans that MS Dhoni is in full control of the team and is not fazed by the fact that 13 members tested positive for COVID nor is he moved by the departure of his close friend and key batsman Suresh Raina. Dhoni had a meeting with the CSK squad via ZOOM and assured them that things were under control.

Srinivasan and the CSK franchise have backed MS Dhoni completely over the years and have expressed their desire to see him stay with the franchise even till 2022. MSD is repaying that faith by not abandoning ship at a time like this and has given CSK management the confidence that all is well in the UAE and that nothing will distract them from the goal of trying to win the 2020 IPL.

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