Updated: January 31, 2019
Author: SportsBetting Team

Is It OK To Gamble in Pakistan and How to Do It

Summary: It is illegal to gamble in Pakistan but are have no law or Acts to address gambling “online”. Thus this has not stopped the near 200 million Pakistanis from taking part in such activities. Recent studies have shown Pakistan to be the in the top 60 countries where betting activities occur even though it is not legal. As with India, the United States, and many other countries where betting on sports or casinos is illegal it continues to happen both underground and on the internet. I will now discuss various Acts and laws in Pakistan related to online gambling.

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Editor’s Notes

Bet365 is Pakistan friendly and is not blocked in most regions.

The Prevention of Gambling Act, 1977 – Pakistan

This Act was subject to cover the entire country of Pakistan, overiding the Baluchistan, West Pakistan, Punjab and Sindh Prevention of Gambling Ordinances of 1961. In this Act Pakistan made it illegal to own a gaming house, or be inside of gaming house where such person is placing wagers. The maximum penalty we took from the text of this Act was that you could be subject to a 500 – 1000 PKR. fine, and possibly up to one year in jail. There have been no documented cases of small scale gamblers being imprisoned. Also note, this Act seems to only cover “gaming houses” and does not address the activity of betting online. The internet did not exist publicly until 1992 which is why you will find many Laws outdated and not addressing online betting in Pakistan and many other countries. The full law can be read here (.pdf file)

The Baluchistan Prevention of Gambling Ordinance 1978

A year later, this Ordinance of Baluchistan was put in place. All areas within Baluchistan are under both the 1977 and 1978 Act. Within this law, the same principle laws apply but with harsher punishments for gambling or owning a gambling service. Under the Baluchistan Law, the maximum penalty for betting in a public place is up to 5,000 PKR. and up to three years imprisonment. For getting caught placing a bet in a private area, you may be subject to 7,000 PKR. fine or 5 years imprisonment. Prevention of Gambling Act, 1977

Are You at Risk?

Because we are not lawyers, we can not give you legal advice but instead our extensive research from the internet and local knowledge of Pakistan. When you bet at a local bookie, you are at a far greater risk than betting online. The involvement of a non-online bookie leaves a paper trail for the authorities to catch you ‘in the act’. But, to our knowledge there have not been any arrests for betting online although we have found several cases of betting rings being shut down within Pakistan.

Pakistan have taken some action against online betting sites by blocking IP addresses located within its territories. They haven’t really gone after gambling sites all that much, and many are not blocked. Most Pakistani gamblers choose to use either Skrill or credit cards to deposit money to bet online. Neteller and Paypal which are most often used in other countries such as India (Neteller) are banned in Pakistan.

Conclusion: Again, we can only tell you the facts about gambling in Pakistan. While still illegal to make bets on cricket, football, or other sports and casino games the activity continues on as a popular activity in the area. The sites mentioned on this webpage were found from local citizens of Pakistan to have success at betting at with no account closures. These citizens have taken into account their faith in Islam and the laws and decided it was okay to bet.

Translated in Urdu