Betting of any kind is banned in Pakistan, but it is a very common practice. Pakistanis take part in online sports betting as there are no laws that stop citizens from wagering on a platform that has its headquarters in another country.

Pakistani sports bettors use global betting sites to gamble, where they have the right to place wagers without having to worry about getting into trouble with the law. Online sports betting in Pakistan is very popular, with cricket, horse racing, football, and other major sports being the primary focus of sports bettors across the country.

best online sports betting sites in Pakistan

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In case you still haven’t figured out which betting platform to choose, you can check out our comparison of betting sites and choose the one that fits best according to your requirement.

Sports Betting in Pakistan: What sports can I bet on in Pakistan?

You can bet on a variety of sports if you are from Pakistan. The most popular sports in Pakistan are cricket, football, hockey, and horse racing. Pakistani people do IPL betting in large numbers and even though Pakistani cricketers aren’t allowed to play in the tournament, the locals just love this major T20 tournament.

Cricket betting in Pakistan

As cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan, there are no surprises that Pakistanis love to do cricket betting. Check out the popular cricket tournaments that you can bet on:

Indian Premier League (IPL) Betting in Pakistan

With Indian Premier League cricket comes a lot of online IPL betting options and if you don’t know how to bet on IPL, we have you covered. Pakistanis love to bet on the IPL.

IPL 2021 betting is easily accessible online and we have all the IPL betting odds, tips, and picks covered.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) Betting

Pakistan Super League is the premier franchise-based Twenty20 competition in Pakistan. As the popularity of the league grows, so does the popularity of PSL cricket betting. The PSL will continue to host new seasons during this same time frame as it does not clash with other T20 leagues or a hectic international schedule that allows international players to take part in the PSL.

Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) Betting

The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) is one of the most popular franchise-based Twenty20 tournaments in world cricket. In BPL, some of the best players have displayed their skills over the years. After seven editions of the tournament, BPL is rising in popularity charts every other day. Similarly, there are a lot of takers for BPL betting. A lot of Pakistani cricketers take part in BPL T20 matches.

Bet on horse racing in Pakistan

Online horse race betting is very popular across Pakistan where sports bettors place wagers on their horses of choice at their favorite racetracks. With conventional bookmakers and pool betting, horse racing is one of the most popular betting sports in Pakistan.

Pakistani bettors place their bets on popular Indian horse races as well.

Sports Betting in Pakistan: Is online sports betting legal in Pakistan?

Like some of its Islamic neighbors, the Pakistani government has a strict policy on betting. Pakistan, as an Islamic republic, strictly prohibits all kinds of gambling, sports betting, and luck-based games. This means betting on Pakistan-based land-based and online bookies, as there are no legal betting shops in Pakistan, except for a few horse tracks where gamblers can bet on horse racing.

Of course, you can still go around this ban and enter one of the several major international betting sites, even if you can’t sign up with any local platform. These sites are located outside the country and are licensed and controlled by the country in which they are founded, which means that the legality of betting in Pakistan has nothing to do with them.

Can I do Sports Betting in Pakistan at all?

Most of Pakistan’s online betting sites are located in the UK and are authorized by the esteemed UK Gambling Commission. While you can’t depend on the safety of the laws of your country as a Pakistani bettor if things get hard, you must choose a high-quality international betting site and make your online betting a little safer.

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