Snooker is a cue sport, whose ancestor was billiards, which was very popular among the elite sections of English society back in the sixteenth century. Later, British soldiers took the game to India, where it was widely played by British army officers. Initially, snooker was played between two players, but later the game was modified and newer variants such as Pyramid Pool and Life Pool were developed to facilitate more players to join the game. Eventually, the combined form of billiards and pool came to be known as snooker.

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Snooker in India

Cue sports, including snooker, have still not captured the interest of the Indian public as cricket has. In 1926, M. M. Begg and others launched the Billiards and Snooker Federation of India (BSFI) in a bid to popularize cue sports within the country. The BSFI has its headquarters in Kolkata although it shifted to Mumbai for a few years.

The BSFI aims at developing public awareness of snooker and identifying snooker talents in India and it is entirely owing to the efforts of the BSFI that snooker is getting to be more and more popular in India. In order to make snooker more accepted among the middle class and poorer sections of Indian society, the BSFI organized national championships and encouraged state organizations to promote the game. The organization also holds snooker training camps to identify snooker talents and sponsor budding snooker players.

The BSFI is today affiliated to national and international organizations such as Indian Olympic Association, World Federation of Billiards Sports, Asian Confederation of Billiards Sport, Asian Carom Billiards Confederation, and International Billiards and Snooker Federation.

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Online Snooker Betting in India

Thanks to the activities of the BSFI and its state-level counterparts, snooker is now becoming popular in India, especially among the young. This means that there are plenty of snooker enthusiasts in India, who enjoy placing bets on the game.


Unfortunately, the unfriendly online betting laws prevent the establishment of online sports betting sites based in India. This, however, does not prevent offshore online gambling companies from reaching out to Indian snooker bettors, and so far, the Indian government has not prosecuted any of the innumerable Indian bettors who place bets on snooker events held throughout the world. We have reviewed the best snooker betting sites.

Types of Snooker Bets

Online snooker betting sites allow snooker enthusiasts to place a wide range of snooker bets as follows:

  • Outright Bet – A bet placed on the prediction that a particular player will win the tournament
  • Frame Bet – A bet placed on a value illustrating the frame score for each game comprising a tournament
  • Match Bet – A bet placed on one player that he/she will win the match. Punters are free to place multiple match bets on several players.
  • Handicap Bet – This bet is rapidly gaining popularity because it offers a handicap allowance
  • Highest Break Bet – A bet placed on the prediction that a particular player will make the highest break during a tournament. It might also include the size of that break.
  • In Running Bets – These are bets placed on highest breaks, players who will win the next frame, and so on in the process of watching the match on TV
  • Outright Winner Bet – This is a bet placed on the prediction that a particular player will emerge as the winner

Snooker Betting Strategy and Tips

Needless to say, online snooker bet, like any other form of online betting, cannot be done blindly. Indian bettors are advised to make a comparative study of various snooker betting odds, check out snooker odds analyses at snooker betting blogs and top snooker betting sites, and study their players well before placing a snooker bet online. To put it simply, Indian snooker bettors should know the game and its players well.

Snooker Betting Markets

Online snooker bettors from India have a wide range of snooker betting options before them. Since snooker enjoys great popularity all over the world, professional snooker events are widely televised and bet upon. Some of the top snooker betting markets are the World Snooker Circuit events and the World Snooker Championships, which encourage snooker bettors worldwide to place bets online.

Online sportsbooks give ample coverage to top international snooker events such as the Snooker Grand Prix, the UK Championship, and the Snooker Masters. Indian snooker bettors can place attractive snooker bets such as Outright Bets, Frame Bets, Handicap Bets, Match Bets, Outright Winner Bets, In Running Bets, and Highest Break Bets, to mention just a few.

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