At the end of each Premier League season, it’s the winner that everyone remembers and over the past few seasons, the winner has generally tended to be Manchester City.

But that’s not the only award up for grabs. With the possible exception of the PFA Player of the Year award that rewards the player who was deemed the top performer by their peers, the Premier League top goalscorer award, or Golden Boot, is the next one that everyone wants to win. Well, at least the forwards do.

We have a page on Premier League relegation odds. Let’s now look at the 2022-23 Premier League Golden Boot odds, where you can place bets and analyze who can go on to win it this season.

2022-23 Premier League Betting Sites

2022-23 Premier League Golden Boot Odds

Here are the 2022-23 Premier League golden boot odds on Betway. This is an each-way bet.

Player Odds On Betway
Erling Haaland 1.14
Harry Kane 11.00
Mohamed Salah 26.00
Gabriel Jesus 34.00
Darwin Nunez 81.00
Aleksandar Mitrovic 81.00
Ivan Toney 81.00
Heung-Min Son 151.00
Gabriel Martinelli 251.00
Luis Diaz 501.00
Callum Wilson 501.00
Kai Havertz 501.00
Cristiano Ronaldo 701.00
Jamie Vardy 701.00

One To Avoid: Erling Haaland (1.14)

There’s no doubt that Manchester City’s Haaland is the rightful favorite on all the football betting sites in India.

He ticks all the boxes we mentioned above, including taking penalties, and the only real negative is that he’s very new to this league so doesn’t have a proven track record of scoring in it. But the odds of 1.14 are too short.

If he gets injured and misses a few weeks, that could seriously dampen his chances. He has come to England with a big reputation in Bundesliga.

Of course, the same could be said of anyone but that’s why we prefer going for bigger-priced players so it’s far more worth your while.

One to Back: Darwin Nunez (81.00)

The Uruguayan scored plenty of goals at Benfica last season and looks set to lead the line for Liverpool, a high-scoring team, rather than Roberto Firmino.

He’s a class act who scores lots of different types of goals and with so many good attacking players around him, he should have plenty of chances created for him.

The one negative is that it’s likely to be Salah rather than him taking penalties but other than that, he has the right profile. And he already has one goal to his name after scoring on the opening day of the season at Fulham.

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One to back each-way: Son Heung-Min (151.00)

At Premier League odds of 151.00, you wouldn’t have thought that the Spurs man was the joint-winner last season alongside Salah with 23 goals.

And the season before that, he finished joint-fourth with 17.

Spurs are a high-scoring side and though it’s actually Harry Kane who is their main man in attack. Son is more than capable of racking up the goals and is available at much bigger odds than England captain Harry Kane.

At odds of 151.00, you’d still get paid out at 5.0 if you backed him each way and he finished in the Top 4.

What is each-way betting?

Remember that an each-way bet means that you’re betting on the player to win or to finish in the Top 4.

You’re putting half your bet (for example, INR 100) on them winning and half your bet (also INR 100) on them finishing in the Top 4.

If our player wins, you’ll get paid out at the full odds and also at 1/4 of the odds again because by default, if you win, you also finish Top 4.

If they finish second, third, or fourth then you’d lose the first part of your bet, but you’d be paid out at 1/4 of the odds on the second part of it.

How to bet on the Premier League Top Goalscorer Market?

So, now you know who are the smart bets on this market, it’s time to put your money down. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into your account and Go to Sports/Sportsbook.
  2. Go to football and choose English Football. Then go to Premier League.
  3. Click on Premier League Outrights.
  4. Choose the Premier League Top Goalscorer market.
  5. Choose the player you want to back, select your stake and bet on them.

If you want to back a player each way, remember to tick the E/W box before placing your bet.

What to look for in a potential Top Goalscorer?

Goals, goals, and more goals. That’s the obvious bit but that’s not the only characteristic you should be looking for in a potential top goalscorer.

And when looking for a good candidate, the more of these boxes the player ticks, the better.


Look for a player with a proven track record of scoring goals wherever they go. These generally tend to be strikers, for obvious reasons, but not always.

Previous winners have included Cristiano Ronaldo when he was still a winger and Mo Salah, who is very much an attacking midfielder.

Automatic starter

You’re not going to score many goals if you’re not on the pitch. Go for a player who starts almost every match when fit rather than one who is rotated or used more as a substitute.

Injury Record

The great Sergio Aguero only won this award once despite being a brilliant goalscorer and the main reason for that is that he missed far too many matches with injuries.

A player is no good to you if he’s constantly injured or returning from injury.

Penalty Taker

Given that around 80% of penalties are converted, you want your man to be his team’s first-choice penalty taker. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, or Mo Salah could be good for five or six goals from the penalty spot a season and that could make all the difference.

Plays for a high-scoring side

Teams like Brighton and Fulham don’t score many goals so their forwards don’t, either.

You’re better off going for players at teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, or Chelsea who score lots of goals as a team, although, of course, the odds on their forwards reflect that.

Premier League Golden Boot Winners

Season Player Goals
2021-22 Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) 23
Son Heung-Min (Tottenham)
2020-21 Harry Kane (Tottenham) 23
2019-20 Jamie Vardy (Leicester) 23
2018-19 Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) 22
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal)
Sadio Mané (Liverpool)
2017-18 Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) 32
2016-17 Harry Kane (Tottenham) 29
2015-16 Harry Kane (Tottenham) 25
2014-15 Sergio Agüero (Manchester City) 26
2013-14 Luis Suárez (Liverpool) 31
2012-13 Robin van Persie (Manchester United) 26
2011-12 Robin van Persie (Arsenal) 30
2010-11 Carlos Tevez (Manchester City) 20
Dimitar Berbatov (Manchester United)
2009-10 Didier Drogba (Chelsea) 29
2008-09 Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea) 19
2007-08 Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) 31
2006-07 Didier Drogba (Chelsea) 20
2005-06 Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 27
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